Road to MTB | 7 Things I Learned!! Tips for Beginners…

This soft roadie is turning into a mountain biker one pedal in the shin at a time. So I wanted to share 7 things / tips/ I learned getting into mountain biking. They are totally different beasts and know to get good I just need to put the practice in. Also, if you are new to MTB let me know some pearls of wisdom that have helped you improve. And all you fully-fledged shredders out there… give this lass some help and leave your tips below an’ all. Muchos appreciated! 🙂 Enjoy. Also, again… this was filmed when it was safe and legal to do so. I know you know this but just want to make it clear. x //

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Well chuffed to have the following brands support me and my ol’ cycling adventures. So you will see some of their products I choose to use in my content 🙂

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