Changing The Game | Jess Blewitt at Red Bull Hardline

GT Bicycle rider Jess Blewitt, was the first female rider ever invited to compete in Red Bull Hardline. Watch the video here.

2022 Highlights | Sisters of Send Women’s Mountain Bike Festival

The first Sisters of Send women's mountain bike festival was huge success and we cannot thank everyone enough for supporting our vision and bringing it to life.

How to Corner your MTB | Beginners guide to riding berms and flat corners

Learning to corner correctly must be one of the hardest skills. Learn how in todays how to beginner video found on YouTube.

What Does It Take To Become An MTB Pro? | Junior To Elite With Sophie Riva

What does it take to be a pro mountain biker? Junior Mountain Bike racer Sophie Riva shows you how.

Ladies’ Night // Women’s Mountain Bike Short Film

Check out ladies' night, a women's mountain bike short filmed. Get ready to shred!

A day in the life of an MTB pro | Harriet Burbidge-Smith

A day in the life of an MTB pro | Harriet Burbidge-Smith - 2 x amateur world champion and 8 x Australian Champion in BMX and soon MTB.

“Sunshine Escape” by Blake Hansen

Blake Hansen is doing a multi-part series revolving around her life and biking, check out the first instalment here!

Red Bull District Ride 2022

For the first time in Red Bull District Ride's history, five women were invited to test their skills on the unique and challenging track between Kaiserburg and Hauptmarkt.